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Happy Birthday, Tom!


Tom’s my little brother. I don’t think he reads my blog, and his birthday was actually four days ago, but I did start writing this post on his actual birthday, so happy birthday anyway, Tomo! WOOHOO! PARTAY!

Here’s where I was four days ago:

Well, I’m all packed, my bedroom is – gasp – tidied up, and I’m enjoying my last real day of absolutely-nothing-to-do. Tomorrow, I hop on an airplane to Seattle, will hopefully paint my bedroom up there (the colors are ghastly), find myself a wardrobe, learn a metric crapton of music in time for Tuesday, and SCHOOL. Wait, what’s school?

In short, this nine-month break from my university is giving way to one more year of undergraduate classes, and then I’ll have to start Real Life. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Right now, I’m concerned with the ending of my nine-month break from class, during which I saw a whole lot of the world…

And that’s all I had to say about that. I got distracted, probably by Tom’s birthday cake. School starts tomorrow. Anyway, got choir stuff today. Room painted, wardrobe built, music (sort of) learned – I mean, I’ve even bought my books. I don’t think I’ve ever been more and less prepared for school to such extremes before.

So there’s that, for what it’s worth. Hello!

And THIS is your last update before I turn to Nicaragua and possibly more Morocco stuff. I swear. Not sure what else I’m going to write about. Maybe I’ll take up quasi-Moroccan-cooking again. Zip! OH HEY! Tip (haha preemptive pun AND RHYME WHOA): Never say zip, or zipper, in Morocco, because it sounds like Arabic slang for the male anatomy.  We thoroughly embarrassed our intensive Darija teacher with that one in our very first week. We were an illustrious bunch, you can be sure.

Stay classy, world. Kiss kiss.


The BBC, Ovid, and shopping for lamps: a study in not-being-bored.


So. Sunday, September 9, 2012: Spent the past few weeks watching British TV, reading books, and generally not doing things. Developed an odd habit of absentmindedly dating everything 2010. Got a haircut and a new lamp.  This week, I’m in love with Martin Freeman and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I still have plenty of Nicaragua stories to tell you all, which I’ll probably get to at some point in the sort-of near future. For now, our latest news from the land of lakes and volcanoes concerns the eruption of the San Cristobal volcano, the largest in the country. Wishing all the best for the 3,000-odd evacuees.

In other news, I smell very good today. It’s 75°F, clear, sunny, and beautiful, so I’m going outside. Concept of the day: dialetheism!

Keep laundering those undies, champ. Till next time! Toodle-oo!