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My buddy Olivia is going to walk into this café and we are going to HANG OUT.

This will be a quick post.

“Hanging out” is a concept very foreign to Moroccans. It’s quite difficult to explain, because one can hang out without doing anything or meeting anyone. One can also hang out with a bunch of people doing lots of things, or go to a popular hangout, or (you know) just…hang out. It’s a surprisingly nuanced concept, and I just googled it to justify my inability to adequately explain it to the Moroccan youth who are so curious about English.

(insert a few hours of hanging out with Olivia, who is awesome).

I’m sitting in one of the cafés in the Rabat train station, which is pretty much the only source of reliable internet in this entire city. They’re playing a Lenny Kravitz/Jack Johnson mix turned up to drown out the trains. I’m attempting to write things (coherent academic things), but it’s about 9,984 degrees CELSIUS and humid and I keep getting distracted by the Internet and just how many colors you can use in Paint. THERE ARE SO MANY COLORS. So I picked red.

This is what I see going home, or leaving home if I turn around. That is my door. That is the view. That is where I live.

The arrow pointing to “Rabat” was going to say “mausoleum where Mohammed V is buried” but I realized I didn’t want to write all that out in Paint, so I just said Rabat. But everything to the right of it is also Rabat.

If I walk out of my Kasbah, down along the outer wall, cross some dangerous traffic, walk down the boardwalk, and then turn around, this is what I see. Cooool.

OKAY so here’s the sitch. I leave this country Friday morning.

You’d think that I’d be getting emotional about leaving, but all I can think about is eating a bagel. A real bagel. A real bagel.

And running around in as little clothing as possible and having it not be weird. YEAH.

We’ve cycled back to Lenny Kravitz on this playlist.

They sell iced tea here.

I’m having trouble with coherent thought and compound sentences right now, so let’s have another dance party!





It was halfway through the party that we realized it was Cinco de Mayo. We had a Moroccan party on Cinco de Mayo! We all wore traditional Moroccan garments, got henna tattoos, danced to a traditional live band (and were out-danced by the traditional live band), and took jumping pics! It was a great party.

“Ok, everyone, we’re going to count to 3 and then JUMP.”

“Nick, do we jump on or after 3??”

“After. So it’ll be 1…2…3…JUMP! Jump on 4.”

“Who ever goes up to 4 in a count to 3?!”

“Ready??? Okay. ONE…TWO…THREE!”




Nick and Alia jumped on 4. Trololol.

Anyway, the people pictured above are the lovely human beings I’ve spent the last 4 months of my life with: traveling, studying, complaining about Moroccan women’s bathroom habits, eating, laughing, living. I’m going to miss them all.


It’s definitely not over yet, I’ve got 2 final papers due this week, 2 final exams, and an Arabic presentation on Tuesday. However, after that it’s all packing and flying away, which—wait, I just got distracted. There are kittens playing under a tree over there.

The weather feels as though we’ve all been dumped into a giant tagine and are bubbling sluggishly in the humid heat. It’s supposed to get hotter this week. Holy crap.

It’s sort of hard to tell just how big this froggie was,  but it was BIG. I found it on the way home from our Cinco de Morocco party. He was big and loud and awesome. She? I’m not sure how to tell with frogs. I therefore named it…Froggy. I’m a creative genius, you see. She/he was BIG and I wish I’d caught her/him, but Abdenmabi came outside and laughed at me so I went inside.

Family life has gotten weirder and weirder over the past few days. For example, last night, as I caught a cricket that had joined us in our bedroom and discovered a colony of ants under my bed (what), some of our family members got into an all-out yelling fight upstairs. It was a bizarre experience: mopping up ants from our linoleum floor while listening to our hosts scream at each other. The fight itself didn’t really bother me, because every family fights, it was just sort of weird to find myself murdering ants to the tune of a family feud upstairs. I think it’s the heat, or the stress of our imminent departure, or something that’s making everyone a little edgy lately. I actually don’t mind the heat so much, it reminds me of my hometown oven back in the states. The humidity is the REAL killer.

Anyway, I finally found a decent painkiller (of course the side effects include intestinal distress, which is so ironic it makes me giggle even as I write this) and bought a cheap lil’ rolling suitcase to use as a carry-on. In less than one week, I pack up my life here into two bags and board an airplane.

So you know what it’s time for?


Also, that’s from a great movie, the Blues Brothers. Watch it if you haven’t seen it. Princess Leia spends the entire film trying to murder John Belushi, and also Dan Akroyd is awesome. Also, the whole friggin cast is incredible. Also, it’s a great movie.

Very danceable.