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Operation Rosewater


Now THAT sounds cool. Operation Rosewater. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. That’s a great book, you should read it. It’s by Kurt Vonnegut.

Moroccan desserts frequently include ingredients like rosewater, orange flower water, and other such floral…waters. Well, I hiked all over the hill and couldn’t find a DROP of rosewater, orange flower water, or ANYTHING. The closest I came were the shelves upon shelves upon shelves of COCONUT water, which is a craze that I still can’t quite wrap my head around. I didn’t particularly like coconut water when I tried it, though I do like coconut milk. Whatever.

Anyway, after a grocery store, Trader Joe’s,anda natural foods co-op yielded no results, I decided to screw it. I’d make my own. So here’s my makeshift rosewater operation:

Big pot is on stove, with water and rose petals a few inches deep. Empty mug is sitting on top of a thingy inside pot. Lid is on pot upside down. Ice cubes added to top of lid. Is this making sense? Basically, as the rose petals simmer, the steam rises, cools, condenses, then drips back down into the cup sitting, empty, inside the pot. Here’s hoping that it’ll turn out to be rosewater! I mean, that’s basically how distilling works, right? Well, steam distillation. I’m pretty sure there’s around 39,045,802 ways to distill stuff.

I should probably get a job. I’m spending days making makeshift stills and boiling rose petals. HAH! Well, anyway, if this works I’ll be able to make some Moroccan desserts, which nearly always involve almonds, sugar, and rosewater. Cool. Go me. OH! The spiced eggplant was delicious, except it gave me a wee bit of an upset tummy. Huh.

I’ll let you know how the rosewater turns out! If it’s good, then all you need to make rosewater is a bouquet of roses and a little ingenuity. Science is cool. Peace out, friends!